We’ve got a great range of indoor house plants that not only look good but are great purifiers of indoor air. Pollution has become a large issue in this century which is why NASA decided to conduct an extensive study in 80s looking for the best plants for purifying the air in your home and all those nasty toxins. Who are we to not listen to top scientists? We all know how a clean home air is essential to keeping yourself and our family healthy and these are great for just that. Believe it or not but a few plants in a home makes a big difference when it comes to the quality of air you breathe. We happen to have a large number of indoor plants in the stock that are great lookers and brilliant purifiers. Here are just a few of them. The Boston Fern The Boston Fern is one of the best plants for removing nasty toxins and pollution including fomaldehyde. Funnily enough, formaldehyde is found commonly in a house home but can cause long lasting health impacts from exposure thrugh the years. You’ll help reduce our exposure by placing one of these fancy plants in your home. For just XXX, they’re worth the steal. Peace Lilly We have just had a great stock of Peace Lillies come in. This beautiful flowering plant is not only a good looking addition into any minimalistic home décor but it is great at capturing common carcinogens. These type of Lilly are good at telling you when they are not happy, making them easy houseplants and one of the most effective and attractive air purifying plants flowering all year round under great conditions and keeping those bad toxins at bay. Snake Palm One of the gods in the world of air purifying plants is the Snake Palm (AKA Mother-In-Laws’s Tongue.). These guys have some striking features but are known to remove at least 107 variants of pollutants in indoor air as well as supplying oxygen in copious amounts during the night, making them a great all rounder and a funky addition to the household, particularly bedrooms thanks to their oxygen supplies. They are worth having dotted around the home if you are looking for the best plants to purify the air. Spider Plant There are so many different varieties of the trusted Spider Plant, and we have lots of different ones available including one that produces beautiful delicate white flowers. Spider Plants are another great species for indoor purifiers but in addition they are almost impossible to kill and the easiest plant to care for, especially for beginners. With little maintenance they are definitely worth the purchase. Aloe Vera. Last but not least the trusty Aloe Vera. These gems of a plant are great for getting rid of all those nasty toxins but they are also used for many home remedies from bottles of shampoo and facial products to treating many different medicinal issues. The Aloe is easy to harvest the leaves for its gel and juice and provides as a provide as a great purifier and tropical addition to any home environment. Dot a few of these plants around the household and you will have a great healthy and happy home for years to come!