Flowers are not just for girls!

Here's 3 great reasons to send beautiful fresh flowers for Father's Day.

3. Men appreciate beautiful things too!

A recent survey shows that men are particularly drawn to bright colours and bold shapes. Men's favourite flowers include; Sunflowers Exotic & Tropical Flowers Succulents & House Plants Roses

2. Flowers remind Men of special times with their loved ones.

It may be a memory of being in the garden with Grandparents during their childhood - helping to pot on vegetable plants and seedlings in the greenhouse. Or perhaps tropical flowers like orchids and bird of paradise flowers bring back warm sunny vibes of a special family holiday abroad. Remind them of great times with beautiful flowers.

1. Flowers are the ultimate gift for love and appreciation.

Nothing says 'I love you' and 'thank you' like flowers. It is a beautiful living gift that is given for the pure joy of watching bloom and to cheer the senses. There is a no hidden motive or task they have to do in order to enjoy - just enjoy them arriving to the door ready to WOW their recipient.

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