We’re In Love: What’s Hot This Valentine’s Day Ok, so that time of year is approaching and Cupid is coming in to land. We’ve lots of wonderful options for a Valentine’s Day flower delivery. There’s something perfect for your Valentine whether they be your wife, girlfriend or ah-hem – Mistress. Valentine’s Day Flowers For New Romances So, let’s start with the Newbies – what should you send if it’s early days? A few dates in and you haven’t met their parents yet – we have a few favourites to simply say sweet things for February 14th. You see, we know that Valentine’s day for new couples can be as awkward as a rugby player wearing heels. The red-hearts and roses day can be tricky if you don’t keep it simple. At this point in the dating game you may not want to be too extravagant or scare the other person off with an over-the-top gift. Simple, elegantly displayed flowers – even a beautiful, top quality single bloom presented wonderfully can send the perfect message without breaking the bank or frightening your new companion away. If you fancy being cutesy – why not send a potted rose plant gift, so that you can ‘watch your love blossom’ – (do you like what we did there? Hint hint - Valentine’s day card message idea!). Valentine’s Day Flowers For Married Couples Daily routine, kids, the dog, the cat, work – it all gets in the way sometimes, doesn’t it? Well, even more reason to show a little tenderness this Valentine’s day. Why not use February 14th to spice things up and remind your loved one just how much they mean to you? This brings me to tell you the story of ‘The Steak and Sexytime Bouquet!’ (it’s true, us florists do have a naughty sense of humour….) One Valentine’s Day a few years ago, a chap comes into our flower shop and tells me that he completely forgot as life was just so busy raising a young family. He told me that he really needed to spoil his wife – his eyes lit up as he talked about her and all that she gave of herself in order to ensure her family were content and happy. We had a little joke as to what he hoped to achieve from giving this generous show-stopping bouquet – and thus, the aptly named ‘Steak and Sexytime Bouquet’ was created and a happy chappy departed our shop, hopefully soon to be on a promise… Want some extra bonus points? Why not order a special delivery the day or two before Valentine’s Day itself, compliment with a sweet note saying ‘I just couldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day to tell you I love you’. See, romance isn’t dead and they truly won’t be expecting it! (You can thank us later). Demonstrate your independent spirit – if she says “I don’t want you to bother,” it’s really not true…she does! Valentine’s Day Flowers For A…. Friend. So maybe you want to cheer up a friend. Perhaps they don’t have a Valentine this year or have had a rough year – you being an awesome friend decide to treat them to a beautiful bouquet. Yellow roses are the symbol of friendship so if you want to make sure you don’t send a romantic message, these will be a safe, but truly appreciated bet. Lastly, If you’re hopeful for a romance and they haven’t quite caught on yet – then you really must do it the traditional way. You see, most of the time the infamous card signed ‘From Your Secret Valentine’ is something that happens to a friend of a friend and we all secretly wonder if it’ll ever happen to us. After all, it truly is a lot of fun being on the receiving end of a secret Valentine, and the office girls will love trying to figure out who you are! Choose something simple such as a Single Red Rose and finish it off by adding a personal twist – do you know their favourite sweet treat or perhaps you want to give them a clue as to who their secret Valentine may be… Whatever it may be, make sure it is Scent With Love.