Planted Gifts

The simplicity of sending a beautiful plant is often a preferred choice for those who wish to enjoy natural beauty for longer.

Amongst of range of elegant planted gifts you’ll find orchids, roses and attractive seasonal favourites.

We also offer a Gardener’s Planted Box including an array of seasonal plants that are perfect for a leisurely day in the garden.

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  1. Phalaenopsis Orchid
    Phalaenopsis Orchid
  2. Pink Treat Set
    Pink Treat Set
  3. Garden Plant Pack
    Garden Plant Pack
  4. Rose Window Box
    Rose Window Box
  5. Purple Delight Basket
    Purple Delight Basket
  6. Spring Cheer
    Spring Cheer
  7. Spring Picnic
    Spring Picnic
  8. Spring Bulbs & Blossom
    Spring Bulbs & Blossom
  9. Pink Perfection
    Pink Perfection
  10. Tropical Spring
    Tropical Spring
  11. Pink Flamingo Flower Gift
    Pink Flamingo Flower Gift
  12. Petite Easter Narcissus
    Petite Easter Narcissus
  13. Kalanchoe Plant Giftbag
    Kalanchoe Plant Giftbag
  14. Spring Bulbs Basket
    Spring Bulbs Basket
  15. Cupid's Crush
    Cupid's Crush
  16. Scented Stephanotis Gift
    Scented Stephanotis Gift
  17. Seasonal Plant Gift
    Seasonal Plant Gift
  18. Token Of Spring
    Token Of Spring
  19. Natural Wishes Basket
    Natural Wishes Basket
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