Bespoke / Special Tributes

A reflection of the deceased, whether it be a comical representation of that person in the shape of a whiskey bottle or donut, or a tribute to their lifestyle or favourite pastime, such as a football or vehicle. It may be fitting to send a beloved pet.

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  1. Laurel Chaplet
    Laurel Chaplet
  2. Minion Funeral Tribute
    Minion Funeral Tribute
  3. Blue Anchor
    Blue Anchor
  4. RAF Wings Tribute
    RAF Wings Tribute
  5. Irish Shamrock Funeral Tribute
    Irish Shamrock Funeral Tribute
  6. Dairy Milk Tribute
    Dairy Milk Tribute
  7. Sailor Hat Tribute
    Sailor Hat Tribute
  8. AVFC Scarf Tribute
    AVFC Scarf Tribute
  9. Sailing Yacht
    Sailing Yacht
  10. Purple Anchor Tribute
    Purple Anchor Tribute
  11. Simple Star Tribute
    Simple Star Tribute
  12. 3D Hot Chocolate Tribute
    3D Hot Chocolate Tribute
  13. Cigarette Tribute
    Cigarette Tribute
  14. Vibrant Butterfly Tribute
    Vibrant Butterfly Tribute
  15. Horseshoe Tribute
    Horseshoe Tribute
  16. Black Cat Tribute
    Black Cat Tribute
  17. Cricket Tribute
    Cricket Tribute
  18. RAF Tribute
    RAF Tribute
  19. Cornish Flag Tribute
    Cornish Flag Tribute
  20. Acoustic Guitar Tribute
    Acoustic Guitar Tribute
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