A basket or trug arrangement is an ideal choice to acknowledgement a bereavement as it can be sent directly to a funeral or sent as a tribute gift to a bereaved family at home.

They usually sit more subtle in size than many of the other tributes, therefore are a great choice if you wish to acknowledge the passing of an extended family member or colleague in a gentle and understated manner.

They also offer a longer period of use, both to recognise a death and ideal for the family to take home after the service in memory of their beloved.  

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  1. Rosy's Posy Basket
    Rosy's Posy Basket
    As low as £27.99
  2. Luna Violet's Basket
    Luna Violet's Basket
    As low as £27.99
  3. Florie's Flower Basket
    Florie's Flower Basket
    As low as £39.99
  4. Sentiments Basket
    Sentiments Basket
    As low as £29.99
  5. Luxury Country Basket
    Luxury Country Basket
    As low as £44.99
  6. Wild Winnie's Basket
    Wild Winnie's Basket
    As low as £28.99
  7. Evelyn's Posy Basket
    Evelyn's Posy Basket
    As low as £28.99
  8. Sunshine Basket
    Sunshine Basket
    As low as £32.99
  9. Simply Scented Basket
    Simply Scented Basket
    As low as £32.99
  10. Timeless Beauty Basket
    Timeless Beauty Basket
    As low as £32.99
  11. Eloquence Basket
    Eloquence Basket
    As low as £34.99
  12. Radiance Basket
    Radiance Basket
    As low as £27.99
  13. Happy Daze Basket
    Happy Daze Basket
    As low as £28.99
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