Pillows & Cushions

A floral cushion or pillow is symbolic of comfort in ones last resting place. Leaving the bestower with the final thought, rest in peace.

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  1. Red Sleeping Floral Cushion
    Red Sleeping Floral Cushion
  2. Sister Floral Pillow
    Sister Floral Pillow
  3. Blue Meadow Pillow
    Blue Meadow Pillow
  4. Patchwork Pillow
    Patchwork Pillow
  5. Lavender Pillow
    Lavender Pillow
  6. Personalised Sash Cushion
    Personalised Sash Cushion
  7. Vibrant Pillow
    Vibrant Pillow
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  8. Petunia's Dream Pillow
    Petunia's Dream Pillow
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